Web Performance Optimization

Web performance Optimization

We optimize your website by analyzing the pattern of the website. By using improved methods of optimization we makes your web pages fly while rendering.

Some of the points from our checklist are:

  • By improving your code, optimizing JS for non-blocking while rendering.
  • Sharing the web page load(I/O) by using a CDN and Seprate Session and Caching servers.
  • By Using Caching technology like Varnish, aiCache.
  • Using shared network caching like Memcached, Redis.
  • Optimizing the structure of your website for faster rendering in browsers like IE.
  • Optimizing Database Servers like Mysql, PostgreSQL for dynamic websites.
  • Web Server Optimization for web servers like Nginx, Apache, IIS, Tomcat, IBM Http Server, JBOSS, Express.
  • Using right Headers for Cache Control.
  • Image Optimization and Compression.




Mod Security Filter for a particular IP

Mod_security can prevent editsĀ  and you will get the error code that is configured within mod_security(while posting data).

Here is a useful way to have mod_security ignore your home / office IP and yet stay active for all other IP addresses:

SecRule REMOTE_ADDR “^127\.0\.0\.1$” phase:1,nolog,allow,ctl:ruleEngine=Off

Simply change the to your home / office IP. If you have more than one IP to add, then simply copy the line and modify it to a second or third IP.