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Amazon SES Request Expired, it must be within 300secs/of server time.

While using Amazon Simple Email Service, sometimes we encounter this error message:

” AWS Error Code: RequestExpired, AWS Error Message: Request timestamp: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 06:10:27 GMT expired. It must be within 300 secs/ of server time.”

This error probably means that Amazon SES time differs from your system clock time. If you’re using the command-line tools then you may need to adjust your system clock to match Amazon SES’s clock, which is synchronized with UTC.

If you’re using a linux system try this:

[box type=”shadow”] $ sudo /usr/sbin/ntpdate[/box]



Now you can easily send emails using SES.

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  • Ravi Teja

    Thanks for the post !!!

  • UltraMailer

    You can get the GMT time from Amazon here

    Reconfigure your computer time to be equal as this GMT time (of course it’s GMT time so you need to + or – as your time zone)

  • infusedmj

    Thanks this helped me a lot!!